Jesus Rosado Maestro Bordador

I consider myself...

... a craftsman, a researcher of the most classic traditions of artistic embroidery. Being an artist or not is defined by the eyes of those who see them.

From the first moment I saw the magic behind the artistic embroidery process I was captivated by it.

From a young age I was fascinated

which instantly resulted in a love story
with this timeless art forged in some of the best human virtues: patience, dedication to detail, and pride in a job well done.

More than 30 years later, I still feel the same emotion when working on each new project; just like that first day I watched the nuns sew.

jesus Rosado


Born in Ecija, Seville, Jesús Rosado Borja was the only boy apprentice in the sewing workshop of the Philippine nuns in the city. Since then he has gone from being an atypical character in that female universe to becoming one of its greatest strongholds and defenders.


Today more than three decades later, he runs one of the most reputable and respected needle painting and traditional embroidery workshops from all over Spain, with commissions that cross Spanish borders to reach Puerto Rico or the Vatican.

From the most deeply rooted sacred tradition to the latest vanguards in interior design and fashion, his works speak for themselves with their high quality, care for detail and the passion put into each one of them.

However, this embroiderer and restorer from Ecija is known especially for his relevant works in the sacred arts.

The restoration of the mantle of the Virgin of the Tears of the brotherhood of the Exaltation of Seville,
for which he won the Demofilo Prize in 2010, the banner of the Seven Knives of the Brotherhood of Sorrows of Jerez de la Frontera or the embroidery of the canopy of the Virgen de la Victoria de Las Cigarreras.

In the same year, he received recognition as “The Ecijano of the Year” for bearing the name of his hometown all over the world; undoubtedly one of the proudest.

As an expert and scholar in classical embroidery
he is a collaborator of the Art History Department at the University of Seville for the cataloging of embroidered works.

Wanting to explore all the fields where artistic embroidery has a lot to say, he has carried out projects to bridal, bullfighting, and haute couture fashion in which he has collaborated with the couturier and designer Eduardo Ladrón de Guevara.

In his latest commitment to taking crafts to a new field, his collaboration with the renowned contemporary sculptor Blanca Muñoz stands out, creating a table sculpture embroidered in silver threads and colors. The work was presented at the second edition of ILOEMA at the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid.

Currently there are many projects that are being worked on and that will see the light of day in 2021. Always maintaining the purity of the traditions of high Spanish craftsmanship and presenting it to the new generations of art and fashion lovers.

Comienzos del taller Jesus Rosado
Recibiendo premio Demófilo 2010
con Blanca Muñoz
Universidad de Sevilla

Collaborator of the Art History Department
of the University of Seville

Recognized in

Ecijano del año 2010

Ecijano of the Year 2010

Demófilo Prize 2011