the heart of the workshop

The workshop is a large family
comprised of prestigious craftsmen
that live for the art

Equipo taller Jesus Rosado
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Never-ending work

Our greatest value is quality, but balancing this quality with delivery time.

Whether designed by us or using designs provided by the client, the team perfectly executes the different phases of the process.

From the first sketches on the frame to final delivery, the entire team works like an accurate classic watch.

Enjoying each stitch and tiny element knowing that the sum of all is the way to get to the masterpiece.


Based in the city of Ecija, 16 artisans and embroiderers keep the ancient traditions of artistic embroidery and needle painting alive.

The execution of their work has placed the workshop among the 5 best and most recognized in Spain.

A team that has been formed, grown and perfected over the years and thousands of hours of work in unique pieces.

taller Jesus Rosado

Leadership and Coordinators

In addition to the embroiderers, the team is organized as follows:


Jesus Rosado

General Director

Ana Belen Ojeda

Ana Belén Ojeda

Communications and Press Coordinator

Pedro Pablo Rosado

Pedro Pablo Rosado

Image and Fashion Coordinator