The Spirit of the Workshop

Located in an eighteenth century Ecijana house. In its center the typical Andalusian patio allows the natural light that is so necessary for the work of the artisans.

This neuralgic space is chaired by the one that stands as the motto of the workshop and those who work in it.

Written in Latin, recalling the conventual past where the tradition of artistic embroidery was treasured, we can read:

“I believe more in my work than in luck, because it is more important to be than to appear. Life will put each one in his place, because art is long and life is short.”

taller Jesus Rosado

It is here where every day the team works like a big family giving life to all the assignments and projects.

An environment full of creative energy far from the mundane noise to achieve the calm and precision necessary for each stitch.

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What We Do in the Workshop


Sacred Art

Any item used in religious celebrations. Our specialties range from mantles to banners.


Clothing and Accessories

We include the classic techniques of embroidery in all kinds of fashion garments, haute couture, and fashion accessories.



Bringing to life the glory of unique pieces after careful study and the best conservation techniques.



Embroidery has always been present in many decorative pieces or can give a new air to the design of more modern pieces.

pintura a la aguja

Needle painting

One of our specialties. Recreating pictures or illustrations by sewing with colored thread is a technique that was used in the Roman Empire and that today we still do in the workshop.

Interesting Facts

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Projects Made in the Workshop

a sample of what we do every day

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