Bienvenida a nuestra casa digital
From the workshop

Welcome to our digital house

We begin a new year full of enthusiasm and above all full of new challenges. We will never forget 2020, the pain it has left us, the personal and professional frustration that we lived through during months of long anguish. However as it happened after the other great pandemics in Europe, the glorious Renaissance arrived afterward.

2021 is presented as the beginning of our particular ”Renaissance” in the Workshop. We wanted to take advantage of these difficult moments for the entire artisan sector to take a step forward. It was time to present the previously hermetic and secret artisan world to the general public and above all to new generations of lovers of art and traditions.

To do this we start a new path by renewing our image where, thanks to the most advanced technologies in web design and development and with the help of specialists in social networks and communication, we are able to make visible the silent work and special atmosphere that we live in within our workshop.

After the Middle Ages came the Renaissance of the arts that culminated in the Baroque period, the source of inspiration for many of our works. Without losing our essence in sacred art, we will explore new possibilities to take classical artistic embroidery to new horizons such as fashion, decoration, and even contemporary art.

Today we open the doors and windows of our workshop to share with all of you the passion that every day we put into our work, elaborated as centuries ago, stitch by stitch by the hands of expert craftsmen, and knowing that we are the last guardians of a millenary art.

In this new era that we are beginning today, I invite you to follow us on social media, take a look around the new website, and above all help us share the continuous content that we will be publishing to make visible this universal art that must be protected and preserved.

Jesús Rosado

Master Craftsman